Zeroing in On Debt Elimination Tactics

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Hazel Valera

My Clients inquire about quick debt elimination strategies, and then zero in on budgeting. Budgets tend to put fear in people because it makes you look at the inevitable. You get to see what money comes in and your spending habits, and that can be scary. Unfortunately, debt elimination also requires honesty – with yourself.

Why A Lengthy Process

Debt elimination is not that long of a process, but very few people dig deep enough to eliminate debt in a timely manner. Every one, at some point, puts forth a valiant effort, but very few take a stand to give up what they really don’t need.

For example, how many brown bag lunches do you take to work? Maybe two or three times a week. For most people, twice a week is the maximum. How about taking your lunch five times a week.

On average, you pay $4-$6 a day…

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