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JOSEPH ANDOLINO | New York, NY 10019
Before escalating to the level of a great leader, you must remember these tips:

Awareness is not achieved in the wind but by giving the community the things that help them

Communication is the glue between your actions (you) and your community . It is with her ​​that you exist your actions, your thoughts … the eyes of your community.

The course that you will have to follow is treacherous and the magnitude increases as your reputation grows. You must prepare and not allow them to become insurmountable.

At each critical junction that you address, ask for clarification of the facts . Do not be fooled by the general views of unfounded friends who criticize you.

Everyone does not express a similar thing in the same way , as we can easily believe that someone thinks like us while this is not the case. Beware of appearances. It is essential to build real relationships.

We can not be 100% agree with everyone as some may not have your level. Confirm effort over substance. Do not criticize the bottom block. Bring your own opinion, your advice on one or two points.

If you can not stand to have enemies then forget your ambition . It fails without making enemies. We can make many or few. This depends directly on how to go about becoming a leader.

It takes years to build a good reputation and a few days to destroy . As your reputation grows, keep that in mind.

Do not forget that you must forever remain faithful to the dynamics that propelled you to the top , because it is this dynamic that compelled people to follow you.


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