There are many qualities of a good leader;



The first quality: we must have a positive image of self and recognize that we know our strengths and compensate for weaknesses.

The second: listening. Someone who knows how to listen not only hears the facts that he relates,
but it also reveals the feelings that accompany the story. The effective leader knows how to use the art of asking questions, and he knows a good listener.

Third: teamwork. A leader can not succeed alone. He thinks the pronoun “we”
and not “I”. The effective leader works and is always in contact with the members of his group.
It communicates the results to the group, he welcomes their opinions. The leader knows how to say words of encouragement: “You did a great job, thank you.”

The fourth, a leader knows risk. All the changes and innovations all involve
risks and challenges. Without mistakes, we can not learn or grow. The leader has his own ideas, but must recognize good ideas from others in the community, actively support.

Joseph Andolino

Good thoughts that you keep to yourself are worthless. Leaders are not afraid to talk with those who are not part of the group.


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