Joseph Andolino | New York, NY 10019

Joseph Andolino |
A leader … creating lasting relationships. Keeping the desire to always communicate, help people grow, while having a life goal, follow these 9 tips to strengthen communication links with the people you want to influence: – Never take anything or anyone for granted – Be firmly convinced that he can make a difference in your attitude; – Take the first step; – Always look for common ground; – Accept personality differences and respect them; – Find what matters in people’s lives; – Communicate what you have in your heart; – Share your experiences; – Go ahead, do not stagnate in your relationships.

Joseph Andolino |

A leader knows … delegate the task. Delegating is like teaching, it seems easy, but it is not! The two qualities that you will need for this are humility and confidence. Realize that you are not the only person on earth to know how to perform a particular task (unless you have an ” S “on the red chest and you change in telephone booths ….). Trust the person you have selected in manifesting the “letting go”. Consideration that you will manifest to others and will reflect on you and your influence will never look better.

Joseph Andolino |

A leader knows how to generate … other leaders. , we could say that this is the last level to achieve the consecration of your approach: generate other influential people. To do this, you must develop a maximum potential of your own leader, you setting a personal growth program, for example by reading personal development books, attend seminars, etc … Then find a person with potential, and from the moment he wishes to become his turn a mentor for someone else, help to achieve this goal.

Joseph Andolino|


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