Joseph Andolino Career Biography

Joseph Andolino has provided over 30 decades of tax consultancy and corporate experience, and is a proven problem solver. He has been involved in a range of initiatives aimed at business acquisitions that help deliver a healthy return to investors.


Joseph Andolino is a tax attorney in New York with more than 20 years of Corporate experience

Tax Attorney, Joseph Andolino provides more than 20 years of Corporate Experience and Tax Consulting

Mr. Andolino has held several Executive positions, including VP in the tax divisions of Fortune 500 companies such as, Coltec Industries, Goodrich Corporation and Halliburton, from 1995 until 2012.

He also served as VP of corporate business development of Goodrich Corporation, for 10 years. Mr. Andolino has advised on of M&A and tax advisory projects for major corporate clients.

He has served on the Board of Directors of the Charlotte North Carolina Opera, and the Echo Foundation.

Joseph Andolino is licensed to practice law in NY, NJ, NC, and Michigan, and a frequent contributor to conferences dealing with Mergers and Acquisitions, Estate Planning and Taxation.

Joseph Andolino is an executive powerhouse and is firmly established as one of the key players in today’s business industry.

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Joseph Andolino Business Mergers and Acq.

Joseph Andolino Tax Consulting

Joseph Andolino Career Biography


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